Lobe Pumps

Our company has been offering Lobe Pumps for a long time that are designed specifically for Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Food industry.

Sliding Vane Pumps

Sliding Vane Pumps have pumping principle of mounted rotor with vanes sliding on slots & can be used for pumping very light to viscous fluids

Gear Pumps

Everest Gear Pumps are Designed and Manufactured to close Tolerances to pump any type of viscous liquid from light oil to thickest of molasses.

Magma Pumps

Magma pumps are designed principally to handle high viscosity abrasive sugar products that contain sugar crystals such as Massecuite

Oil Filled Vacuum Pumps

It is diaphram type, oii tree, Portable vacuum Pump, especially suitable for solvent Filtration Kit for HPCL and Evacuable KBr Die for IR Spectroscopy.

Peristaltic Pumps

Our company is manufacturing high heavy duty Peristaltic Pumps that are in great demand are widely used because of their precise design and various functions.

Internal Gear Pumps

Material of construction are • Cast Iron With Steel Internal • Cast Iron Casting With SS Internals • All SS Constructions and sealing Sealing : Gland Packed/ Mechanical Seal

Barrel Pumps

Barrel Pumps are portable pumps, suitable for 200L or 220L standard barrels, small size, and light weight, used for Barrel unloading and transferring various liquids.

Centrifugal Pump

For Handling Chemicals, Acids, Slurries, Solvents, Hot Water, Petrochemicals Refineries, Paper Plants, Steel Plants, Effluent & Sewage Plants, Textile Plants ETP & STP, Etc.

Orbital Shaking Incubator

It is used for growing culture of micro organism & tissue cells. It improves the mixing & help to dissolve substance in the flask / speed up the reaction. It is made of M.S duty powder coated.

Hot Plate Magnetic Strirrer

Stirrer With Hot Plate Is Compact, SS Top, Solid State Moterised Magnetic Strirrer. Accessories : Teflon Magnetic Bit Digtal RPM, Timer, Multi Stage Strirrer With Hot Plate.

Digital PH Meter

PH Meter is a direct reading, two point calibration instrument, reads ph or alkalinity of a solution. Digital ph meter finds use in Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Sugar, Food, Cosmatic Etc.

Water Bath Shaker

Shaking speed 20 to 200 strokes per minute, SS interior and M.S powder coated exterior temp. range ambient to 95°C by solid state time proportional temperature controller

Bulk Density Apparatus

It is microprocessor based, instrument designed to study the packing down of powder beds. gives accurate & repeat-ability of the result. Cylinder capacity : 50ml x 2 nos.

Bacteriological Incubator

Doubled walled, out side body is made of the MS & inside body of SS/ MS or fully GMP model (SS). Heating elements made of the nicket chromium wire . Temp. Range : 50 ° C To 600 ° C /800 ° C

Vacuum Pump & Filtration

Filtration kit, vacuum pump & inline filter holder filtration kit of 1 its flask, 250ml vessel & holding clamp. It is suitable for 0.45 & 0.2 membrane filters of size 47mm dia

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