Oil Filled Vacuum Pumps

Oil Filled Vacuum PumpsIt is diaphragm type, oil tree, Portable vacuum Pump, especially suitable for solvent Filtration Kit for HPCL and Evacuable KBr Die for IR Spectroscopy.

Fields of Application
• Laboratory use
• Priming purpose
• Pilot plants

Salient Features
Mono Block/ Coupled
Capacity up to 60,000 LPH
Single Stage/ Double Stage
Maximum Vacuum of 680 mm - 720 mm of Hg
Simple construction
Compact and Mobile

Single Stage Mono Block Vacuum Pump - Water ring Vacuum Pump, very compact, easy to install, easy to assemble, mobile & simple design with smooth operation. Max vacuum 680 to 720 mm of Hg.

Two Stage Vacuum Pump - Better design than single stage vacuum pump, advantage of higher capacity at high vacuum & requires low quantity of water at low pressure. Max vacuum 720 mm of Hg. Achieve vacuum upto 735mm of Hg.

High capacity Low Vacuum Pump - Double suction & double discharge develops max vacuum of 680mm of Hg . Widely used where high capacities are required at low vacuum.

Oil Seal, Rotary, High Vacuum Pump - The pumps inbuilt non return valves with prevent back flow of air manufacture from graded material, all moving parts are assembled with close tolerances, results in increased efficiency and trouble free operation life.
Everest Oil Immerser

Laboratory Use, Priming Purpose, Pilot Plant, etc.

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