Magma Pumps

Magma PumpsMagma pumps are designed principally to handle high viscosity abrasive sugar products that contain sugar crystals such as Massecuite, Magma and Molasses. The design ensures that the sugar crystals contained within the liquids are not damaged by the pumping action, and that the pump is subjected to minimum wear.

Principal of Operation
The Pumping principle is very simple. An elliptical shaped rotor rotates in a cylindrical housing and is carried round for suction to discharge. A hinged sealing arm, which follows the surface of the rotor, scarped off the pumped medium and directs it up into discharge. The sealing arm is spring loaded to maintain contact with the rotor. 

Special care has been taken in designing the suction branch to ease the flow into the pump. This avoids Starvation and allows the pump to run at higher speeds.

Pump Size Pump Speed Head capacity
MD 3 75 X 75 mM 36 30 m 3 Tons H
MD 6 150 X 150 MM 36 30 m 20 Tons H
MD 8 200 X 200 MM 36 30 m 30 Tons H
MD 9 225 X 225 MM 36 30 m 40 Tons H
MD 10 250 X 250 MM 36 30 m 60 Tons H
MD 12 300 X 300 MM 36 30 m 75 Tons H
MD 14 350 X 350 MM 36 30 m 110 Tons H
MD 16 400 X 400 MM 36 30 m 150 Tons H

As the design and manufacturer of our pumps are subject to constant improvement, product supplied may differ in some details from specification and Alteration given.

Magma & Massecuites, Grape Pulp, Vegetable Slurry & Pulp, Cream, Dairy Products, etc.

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